Photoveel Blank Sheets for Sale

Ferrotec now offers Photoveel blank sheets for sale. These fine-grained machinable ceramics are not only machinable with conventional tooling, but also nearly as strong as alumina and other hard ceramics. Using a blank sheet, you can now machine your own part. However, if you have questions or concerns about machining your own parts, consider our precision ceramic machining services.

Currently only Photoveel is available for blank material purchase. Photoveel II series material blanks are not for sale.

Photoveel Products Photo

Standard Sizes

0.25″ 0.50″ 1.00″
4″ x 4″
6″ x 6″
8″ x 8″
12″ x 12″

Machining Guideline for Photoveel

Lathe Cutting speed [m/min] 12
Feed rate [m/min] 0.025
Depth of cut [mm] ~3.0
Machining center Cutting speed [m/min] 12
Feed rate [mm/min] 10
Depth of cut [mm] ~3.0

Carbide tools are recommended

Send us your questions, your drawings, or your parts and we can quote.

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Custom Sizes

Ferrotec can also support unique shapes and sizes of Photoveel blank material. Please contact your Ferrotec sales representative or use the inquiry form to request the unusual sizes.

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