We Machine Parts Using Our Photoveel Materials

If you have a drawing or a design, but you need access to precision manufacturing required to fabricate your part, Ferrotec can help. We can fabricate parts from your designs quickly using our machinable ceramic materials. By combining our precision manufacturing capabilities with our machinable ceramic materials, we can help you prototype designs fulfill specialized, small quantity requirements.

Photoveel Products Photo


  • Access to a variety of machinable ceramic materials including Photoveel or our unparalleled Photoveel II series material.
  • Integrated supply: material manufacturing + machining service
  • Precise machining, micro holes, controlled CTE and high fracture toughness
  • Minium order quantity: 1pc
  • Competitive lead times


  • Semiconductor equipment parts
  • Semiconductor inspection parts
  • Laser equipment parts
  • Vacuum equipment parts
  • Thin film deposition equipment parts
  • Linear motor parts
  • Heat-insulating parts
  • FPD process equipment parts
  • Adhesion equipment parts
  • Positioning parts
  • Sensor parts
  • Analysis equipment parts
  • Ultrasonic generator
  • Electric-insulating parts…etc

Ceramic Expertise

Ferrotec’s machinable ceramics offer superior machinability. While our machinable ceramics can processed using standard machining tools, Ferrotec also offers ultra-high precision machining.


Minute Hole Drilling

We provide minute hole drilling on the machinable ceramic plate.

Photoveel's Fine Structure Photo
Minute Hole Drilling Photo
Structure of Photoveel
Minute Hole Drilling(Photoveel)

Minute Groove Processing

We can process a minute, highly accurate groove to machinable ceramics.

Minute Groove Processing Photo No.1
Minute Groove Processing Photo No.2

We have various options according to customer’s utilizing purposes. Please consult us about anything including complicated form and ultra high precision machining requirements.


Grinding Equipment

  • Rotary grinder
  • Machining centre
  • Cut machine
  • Others
  • General plain grinder
  • Dicing saw
  • Lapping machine
  • Grinding centre
  • Cylindrical grinder
  • Washing equipment

Inspection Equipment

  • 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • Surface roughness measuring machine
  • Non-contact shape measuring machine
  • Others

Minute Hole Drilling

Min. hole size 30μm (Thickness 0.3t)
Hole diameter accuracy 5μm
Pitch accuracy 5μm


Dimensional tolerance—general machining According to JIS B 0405 medium grade
Dimensional tolerance—precision machining 5μm or less (flatness, parallelism, etc.)
Microscopic hole drilling Minimum φ45μm (thickness 0.3mm), diameter and pitch tolerance ±5μm
Thread cutting Minimum M2, HELISERT minimum M2.5

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