Zirconia Ceramic Material

The unique structure of Zirconia makes it one of the toughest ceramics available. Zirconia is one of the best materials for demanding structural and mechanical applications, and has excellent resistance to corrosion and wear.


  • Rail for semiconductor transfer
  • Industrial use cutter
  • General industrial machinery parts
  • Abrasion resistant parts


General properties Main component purity (wt%) 94
Color Whitish-yellow
Density (g/cm3) 5.98
Water absorption (%) 0
Mechanical properties Bending strength (MPa) 880
Young’s modulus (GPa) 245
Vickers hardness (GPa) 16
Thermal properties Max. operating temperature (°C)
Coefficient of thermal expansion (1/°C×10-6) RT~500°C 8.9
RT~800°C 10.4
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/m×K) 3
Thermal shock resistance ΔT (°C) 280
Electrical properties Volume resistivity 25°C 1014
Dielectric constant 10GHz 33.0
Dielectric loss (×10-4) 9
Q factor (×104) 0.1
Dielectric breakdown voltage (KV/mm)

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