Fabricating Ceramic Parts From Your Design

If you have a drawing and a design, but you need access to precision manufacturing required to fabricate your part, Ferrotec can help. We can fabricate parts from your designs using our advanced ceramic materials to copy exact standards.


  • A wide variety of advanced ceramic materials (both common and specialized), available in varying grades of purity
  • Ceramic production capabilities to meet your high-volume component requirements
  • Precision fabrication
  • Copy exact
  • Competitive lead time


  • Semiconductor equipment parts
  • Semiconductor inspection parts
  • Laser equipment parts
  • Vacuum equipment parts
  • Thin film deposition equipment parts
  • Liner motor parts
  • Heat-insulating parts
  • FPD Process equipment parts
  • Adhesion equipment parts
  • Positioning parts
  • Sensor parts
  • Analysis equipment parts
  • Ultrasonic generator
  • Electric-insulating parts…etc

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