Precision Custom Ceramic Part Fabrication

As a leading manufacturer of a broad range of high-purity ceramic materials, Ferrotec fabricates precision parts and components for a variety of applications and industries including semiconductor processing equipment, integrated circuit testing, and medical diagnostic systems.

Whether your developing a new component, exploring new materials for an existing part or you’re looking for manufacturing alternatives on an existing ceramic design, we specialize in fabricating custom ceramic parts for your designs and applications.

We offer an extensive line of high purity advanced ceramic materials, with extensive fabrication, processing and machining capabilities. We manufacture our own ceramic materials, so we have a deep understanding of ceramics and our material expertise can help guide you to your optimal material.

We’ve divided our ceramic manufacturing into three materials categories. For more information about specific capabilities, you can explore the pages linked below. If you’re still exploring materials, please contact us and we can work with you to map your requirements and determine your material solution strategy.

Our Production Facilities Can Support You Through the Entire Life Cycle of Your Design.

  • We can work with you to understand your application needs and optimal materials
  • If you’re prototyping your design, we can work you:
    • We support small quantity piece production.
    • Our Photoveel machinable ceramic materials are ideal for prototyping and development. These unique materials enable us to machine precision features quickly, but have material characteristics that significantly outperform traditional glass ceramics.
  • If you’re ramping up for volume production, we have the capacity to support your volume production requirements
  • If you’re currently buying parts from another supplier, our copy exact capabilities makes Ferrotec an excellent second-source alternative

Ferrotec Ceramic Product Solutions

Advanced Ceramics

We can manufacture precision parts from our library of structural ceramic materials including alumina, zirconia, aluminum nitride, silicon carbide and more.

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Machinable Ceramics

Using our Photoveel machinable ceramic materials, we can quickly produce precision parts to meet your requirements. Our Photoveel materials are an ideal solution for prototyping and applications like wafer probe cards.

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Metal Matrix

Metal matrix materials offer unique material properties that make them an interesting solution for specialized applications where light weight but exceptional stiffness are required. These are commonly used to fabricate parts for items like semiconductor equipment robot parts.

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Applying coating technology, we offer products constructed solely from dense SiC film structures. This technology can be applied to a wide variety of applications, from flat plates to complex structures.

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