Photoveel Machinable Ceramic Material

These fine-grained machinable ceramics are not only machinable with conventional tooling, but also nearly as strong as alumina and other hard ceramics. Machinability plus high strength fine grain structure makes these materials an ideal fit for applications that require precision machined features.


  • Semiconductor equipment parts
  • Semiconductor inspection parts
  • Leaser equipment parts
  • Vacuum equipment parts
  • Thin film deposition equipment parts
  • Liner motor parts
  • Various heat-insulating parts
  • FPD process equipment parts
  • Adhesion equipment parts
  • Positioning parts
  • Various sensor parts
  • Analysis equipment parts
  • Ultrasonic generator
  • Various insulating parts…etc
Photoveel Products Photo Photoveel Products Photo

Photoveel L

Highly machinable mica ceramic with high reflectance characteristic.


  • Insulation parts for various analyzer
  • Large hole pitch probe cards
  • Jig for soldering
  • Light-condensing parts…etc
Phoveel L Products Photo


PhotoveelPhotoveel L
General propertiesCharacteristicsPrecision machinabilityHigh reflectance
Main component purity (wt%)
Density (g/cm3)2.593.06
Water absorption (%)00
Mechanical propertiesBending strength (MPa)15089
Young’s modulus (GPa)6666
Vickers hardness (GPa)2.21.2
Thermal propertiesMax. operating temperature (°C)1000600
Coefficient of thermal expansion (1/°C×10-6)RT~400°C7.86.1
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/m×K)1.51.8
Thermal shock resistance ΔT (°C)150200
Electrical propertiesVolume resistivity25°C10151015
Dielectric constant1MHz6.1
Dielectric loss (×10-4)
Q factor (×10-4)0.03
Dielectric breakdown voltage (KV/mm)2035

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