Is a Ceramic Material the Right Solution for Your Application?

Ceramics have a wide range of material properties and can be fabricated in ways that can make them an enabling technology for certain types of applications. However, the wide range of material properties also means navigating the mix of materials and possible solutions to find the right material for your application requirements can be a challenge.

We Can Help

At Ferrotec, we’ve been manufacturing our own ceramic materials for many years. This gives us an in-depth understanding of the range of materials, their strengths, and optimally matching materials to requirements.

With our extensive line of ceramic materials and our broad expertise in advanced materials applications, Ferrotec can help you identify your unique application requirements and provide material expertise in designing your components.


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Custom Sizes

Ferrotec can also support unique shapes and sizes of Photoveel blank material. Please contact your Ferrotec sales representative or use the inquiry form to request the unusual sizes.

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