Al-Al2O3 Metal Matrix Composite Ceramic Material

Ferrotec’s metal matrix composites take advantage of various material mixes to deliver unique material properties and performance characteristics. The material properties of Aluminum—Aluminum Oxide metal matrix composites make it a good solution for large size structural products. Al-Al2O3 metal matrix materials are good for contributing to weight reduction and provide excellent damping for high speed and precise equipment motion applications like robot parts.


  • Light weight
  • Excellent mechanical damping
  • Facture toughness
  • Near net shape process sllowance


  • Semiconductor equipment parts
  • Semiconductor inspection parts
  • Display equipment parts
  • Precision equipment parts

Metal Matrix Composite Ceramics Products Photo

Al / Al2O3 Material Properties

Al30 / Al2O370
Composition (vol%) Al 30 
Al2O3 70
Density (g/cm3) 3.0
Young’s modulus (Gpa) 260
Young’s modulus / density (Gpa ⋅ cm3/g) 87
Flexural strength (MPa) 340
Coefficient of thermal expansion (1/°C×10-6) 7
Thermal conductivity (W/m×K) 160

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